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Pablo Mejía Maldonado

Contrastive Linguistics is a linguistic grammatical discipline that studies the similarities and differences of the rules and principles that govern the combination of syntactic constituents and the formation of higher units such as clauses. Besides. it determines the order, mode, and relationship of words, syntagmas, and types of grammatical sentences, the syntagmatic and paradigmatic relationships between them as well as the functions they fulfill to express concepts coherently within a discourse between Spanish and English.

En este curso, usted encontrará toda la información, matrices, guías y modelos a seguir en el desarrollo del anteproyecto y presentación del Informe. El sustento teórico y los instrumentos para desarrollar de manera efectiva el proyecto de grado.


This course pretends to analyze two or more languages from a deep  morpho-syntactic-semantic analysis to find out similarities and differences among Spanish and English languages.

This course deals with a descriptive and contrastive analysis of sounds which occur in Spanish and English. The purpose is to find out similarities and differences in the vowel, diphthong and consonant production as well as to analyze the level of transfer. Corrective Phonetics and the Contrastive Method are the methodology to be applied.

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